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The right data at
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BuildingMinds has a unique technological approach to dealing with your data: an integrated SaaS cloud platform with a digital building twin and common data model for real estate at its core.

Data collection

Minimize manual entry,
maximize automation

Built on an uncompromising API-first approach, our platform overcomes the biggest roadblock for digital transformation in real estate – collecting and processing data.

Data API connectors-min

API connectors

Connectors are integrated via API across a wide range of categories:

  • Smart meter and energy management
  • Building management and automation
  • Utility providers
  • IoT sensors
  • ERP/CAFM software
Data Platform integration-min

Platform integration

Automated, secure transfer to and from our platform from all types of systems, including:

  • ERP
  • CAFM
  • EMS
  • BMS/BA
Data Data transmission-min

Data transmission

Data transmission is supported via:

  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • Excel
  • E–mail formats
Data Data Survey App-min

Data Survey App

Custom-built data entry forms and workflows minimize human error and maximize efficiency:

  • Customized templates
  • Quick onboarding
  • Progress tracking
  • Automated imports of structured data
Data Advanced data processing-min

Advanced data processing

During the data onboarding process, we harmonize and validate all data streams. The data extraction itself is performed via APIs. Advanced data processing features include the following:

  • Data normalization
  • Data extrapolation
  • Data anomaly detection
Data ESG Goals

Companies using our API connectors

  • Discovergy
  • Lava Energy
  • LineMetrics
  • Akenza
  • Oxygen at Work
Data Diagram

With BuildingMinds we are able to give our data a system-based home, so we can understand the "what is" and shape the "what will be".

Michael Widschwendter, MBA MRICS
Michael Widschwendter
Head of Asset Management, AREALIS

Data security

Built-in enterprise-grade security

Securing your data against cybersecurity risks is our highest priority. All our solutions include enterprise-grade security features.

We give you full control of your data

Digital building twin

A single source of truth for all your data

Unique among real estate platforms, we not only collect the data currently needed for a specific dashboard or report – we collect all the data available on your portfolio.

We use this data to create a digital building twin, or accurate visual model of your assets in digital space. This detailed visualization gives you an unprecedented degree of flexibility and adaptability in your operational and strategic decision-making.

Common data model

Making data speak

BuildingMinds is a founding partner of the International Building Performance & Data Initiative (www.ibpdi.org), bringing together industry leaders and stakeholders to create a universal industry data framework, known as the Common Data Model for Real Estate.

The Common Data Model for Real Estate describes and defines standard entities across all essential real estate management areas, from operations to market and environment to lifecycle management.

Data Diagram 2

Industry associations

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